IOR/EOR Service

IOR/EOR Service

The Importer of Record (IoR) & Exporter of Record (EoR) services has been established to meet the needs & overcome the challenges of international traders by providing a unique source for trading support with its powerhouse of experiences and expertise to fulfil all their Import and Export requirements.

At CDZ, we know the necessity of smooth export & import process for client which enables their business to maintain the flow of the supply chain. Our logistics & regulatory expert team can review your supply chain to help enhance customs clearance activities, identify potential risk areas, optimize internal controls and procedures to maximize internal compliance in the most efficient manner.

This allows companies to easily expand into new markets without the burden and exposures of establishing new legal entities in each country.

CDZ assists companies via utilize our solely owned importer & exporter of record trading companies. For this, CDZ will:

  • Perform compliance assessment to define import & export restrictions
  • Take full responsibility for observing international trade and external trade restrictions, compliance for example, embargo measures or license requirements.
  • Be responsible for customs, tax and other regulatory authorities;
  • Maintain records for the minimum duration required under local law;
  • Simplify the customs clearance of shipments and on time delivery to end customers.
  • Saves clients from the costs of establishing legal entities in countries & reduce their exposures to corporate taxes.
  • Provide the 100% DDP service with full documentation and also tariff consultancy support.